Thursday, 4 April 2019

Monster Menagerie

I realised that I didn't have a posted dedicated to my rank and file bad guys, then decided to show all of them ranked up together. I plan to repaint all of their bases to match each other over the coming weeks. Then I'll post close up photos of the different monster 'groups'; chaos, greenskins, ogres etc.
Edit; I soon realised that this isn't even all of my monster figures. Not even close! I also have a lot more Undead, such as skeletons, including archers and "champions", Ghosts, and Wraiths, many more orcs (archers, crossbows, Warlords etc), tons of warhammer Dark Elves & Beastmen, plus all of my big monsters (Dragons, Hydra's, Giant's etc). This could end up being a long post!!

These are my Black orcs (not pictured above).
Their much darker skin tone can be seen in comparison to the orc crossbowman which has the standard orc fleshtone. This crossbowman is a very old school warhammer metal orc boar-rider. The boar went missing long ago, and I thought it would make a good HQ foot soldier instead.

Cultists! They came in a blister by Reaper miniatures along with the ritual circle. I plan to include the circle in a quest somehow.

Something a bit different from anything I've painted before, Mimic Monsters by Deep Cuts. I believe this monster type originates from Dungeons & Dragons, but it makes a nice addition to Heroquest too; woe betide a Hero who now neglects to search for hazards before plundering treasure items...

I have to say that might be one of my favourite models ever, rivalling many classics from the HQ era of Games Workshop models. It was a joy to paint, and screams fun in a way that many modern miniatures usually don't.

A very surprised Dwarf!!!

A special series of comparison pics for the mini's that came in the old Warhammer Fantasy Regiments box, next to their HQ counter-parts.